Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choosing a Real vs Faux Zebra Rug

If you have private rooms that are different shades of black and white that all people like to add. But there is a problem, how can you do? Simple, use a zebra rug. What type of zebra rug is not, true or false?

This is a very important debate about whether to use a real place with a scythe. Some say that a fake animal rug, no, being hurt so you are being conservation friendly.

Another way carpet is cheaper counterfeit and could in the privacy of your own home the way you want.

Although carpet maintenance is convenient and cheap, you can also say that you want to be cheap. Especially to be done from home, if poor quality materials used and if the person does not know what they are doing.

Use of the authentic, true fans say zebra skin, look great and add contrast raised almost anywhere and also aesthetic. Not only that, they are both functional and decorative.

Price is another issue to consider. Some say that, in real cents, but not cheap any feasible. What is stated in dollar amount, you get more back into decorative and functional.
In a real zebra skin, not animal friendly, some argue that it depends how you look.

Most carpets sold there by the victims under the control of government in Africa. No endangered or threatened species.

Some even go so far as to say whether or not to buy leather, government officials still control the population of this species, zebra skin, so that in the trash.

Finally, if you decide to go with carpet, and the desired person is not guilty in any way.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Zebra Skin Rug Shopping Guide Original and Imitation

A zebra rug is a subject of debate, a sign of social status, a sign of elegance and good taste - they are only two or three things to think about a man every time he heard the word. In the world of rugs zebra skin is a real class. Almost all carpets are made with real fur plains zebras. Zebra is in danger of extinction, mainly from companies in Africa buy and sell their skin from the federal government is limited. He has the right to have a zebra skin rugs.

Go to this spectacle of Africa is an important part of your home.
Since this type of art is a part of your own home? Bright, even before the agreement in order and go home, whether it is really a zebra rug and artificial. Exactly how to make a difference? Please read, can not be wrong.

Check the size of the carpet. All rugs zebra skin, have an average size of 5 to 8 feet. Well, just like you check the size. In short, the distance between the nose and behind the line, which is the size of the carpet. Zone at its widest point, has the posterior segment of the rear leg 5 feet or 5 if the carpet meets the requirements of size, had cashed the check in size.

So, let's talk color. Because everyone knows that zebras have black stripes. This bar is black, in fact, it seems very dark black at a distance of soft brown. Be careful if your lashes dark carpet. Dark brown should look more closely, so real carpet.

Original carpet is to sing in public support is planned. Colors can be black or brown felt, based on color zebra stripes. Some vendors provide a platform for the application feel, but it tends to lie.It can not therefore be used as proof of authenticity. This feature is important to the quality, coupled with the strength of the carpet.

No zebra skin rugs, could not have native scars or bad. Zebra is the people of the plains of Africa. Their survival depends on their ability to protect themselves from predators. Have a sign violations in their attempt to escape. Plants such as cacti, thorns, bushes, etc. also play a role in the discovery of zebra skin rug rather a sign of problems in the show he met his life. In general, the carpet will cost about $ 500 to $ 1,700 depending on the number of brands.

If anyone thinks the carpet, now without a single defect, it is probably wrong. Now you know the difference between a zebra rug is right or wrong, go ahead and start searching for your ideal home.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taking care of your Zebra Rug for durable and long lasting

Among the many carpeting sold today, zebra rugs are one of the most interesting. Now a reminder of nature and space to your routine in drag. Zebra University has a classic look and still fits in every home. Zebra rug ownership means that you know how to clean. There are many types of zebra skin rug there, so I know people who are caring and kind.

The first type of zebra skin rugs, zebra rugs real. If the carpet is a high cost, it is important that you are a great way to stay clean, because it means a great asset to the property. For real zebra skin, clean once a week. Vacuum regularly to help, dirt, sand and dust in your carpet. If too much dirt on the carpet, you can even a good shaking. This makes it possible to get the dirt so much easier.

If you accidentally spill something or you see a place or to clean stains immediately. Use a mild cleanser for dry lining and a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or fabric. And do not wash, because it can damage the skin. dry after cleaning the air. Do not heat. Also remember to not make your carpet in areas that receive direct sunlight because the skin can quickly disappear or take ages. Never thought about it, dive into the water, let it shrink carpet and in turn damage the carpet.

The second type is a carpet or rug zebra-print leather. For hedges, this week will help clean the dirt and dust from the carpet. For stains, use mild soap and simple solutions to get rid of the water problem. You can even steam clean your carpets if they do not think soaking the support of the carpet.

The third type of carpet is a zebra print rug wool or synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon and polypropylene. Zebra carpet wool profits vacuum at least once a week. Spills should be immediately removed and cleaned. You can use your wool carpet professionally cleaned every two years. The same applies for synthetic zebra print rug. Zebra reserves the right care for your carpet to the beauty and last longer guaranteed.

Monday, February 28, 2011

There are 8 Legal Questions should know before buying Zebra Skin Rugs

Things that need to know when we decide to buy a zebra rug, are all legal issues concerning ownership, purchasing and sales. We need to know the legality as well as applicable laws governing your country regarding the sale and ownership of the goods made from animal skin, in this case a zebra skin rug.

If zebras endangered?
Purchase of real zebra skin from Africa is not like in a grocery store and took a bag of tomatoes.
You need to know if zebras are threatened with extinction, for starters.

What should I avoid zebra skin?
It should not be surprised to come to you that there are real animal blanket that you move away, if you intend to stay on the right side of the law.
Therefore, you should know that he must be hiding the carpet.

If (hide) zebra skin rug in my country legally?
This question is very good and is the most important. The last thing we want is to find the purchase of African leather football that his country will not allow someone has fur.

Which country are exported legally zebra skin?
One thing you should know is that all African countries to export these furs, and 52 countries, only allowing two of them zebra skins are exported legally.

While zebras have been killed just for their skin?

If these animals for the sole purpose of profit to be slaughtered by the skin, it will be a terrible thing, right? Why not, before buying one.

Do I have legal documents, if any, do I need?
That accompany the time most African animal skin rug the necessary legal documentation for your purchase. This means you have to do if the carpet Zebra genuine need for documentation and how to find out if at all.

Where can I get these letters if I need it?
You should always know where to get legal documents, if any.

Do I pay for all documents?
If you find that you really need a document, you should also consider whether the cost will be determined for documentation.
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